I've just upgraded my Ikiwiki to backported version 2.64 for Ubuntu Hardy and wanted to see progress bar in action. Unfortunately, I can't see any progress.

This is my example Ikiwiki syntax:

<div class="progress">

A here is a HTML result:

<div class="progress">
  <div class="progress-done"></div>

It seems that progress plugin works at all, but it's a problem with passing progress value.

Anyone can confirm the bug? --Paweł

You are correct. The above example does generate the HTML you suggest. The plugin requires a % sign:


This could probably be improved. Certainly the documentation could be. -- Will

Thanks for the hint, Will! I could check better the code... However, in my opinion that '%' sign is confusing here and should be dropped. I hope it's clear for all people that "percent" parameter passes values in percentages. --Paweł

fixed --Joey

I've forgotten to add that now the HTML code is OK, but I can see only "75%" string on white background wihout any border. I need to look closer at CSS styles for the progress bar. --Paweł

You need the div.progress and div.progress-done from ikiwiki's default style.css. --Joey

Thank you for the fix, Joey!

I had div.progress* in the style.css file, but my Epiphany didn't want to display the progress bar... Now it's OK and I can see beautiful progress, though I've not changed anything. --Paweł