My name is Paweł Tęcza. Currently I work as mail system administrator, C/Perl programmer and computer projects designer at Warsaw University, Poland.

I've founded a few web sites for Polish Debian users and written many articles for them. The latest and the most famous of these sites is Unfortunately now I'm too busy (job, home, woman and child) to care about it.

I've used Debian for many years. My first Debian release was Potato, but now I rather prefer Ubuntu, because it has faster release cycle than Debian and I don't want to wait more then 1 year for new stable release.

I'm also author of unofficial ikiwiki backports. In the past I was rebuilding ikiwiki source package for Debian Sarge and Ubuntu Gutsy. Now I do the same for Ubuntu Hardy. You can find this and another my backports at public GPA's Ubuntu packages archive.

I love using Ikiwiki and bug reporting ;)