the w3 validator fails on the main ikiwiki website because of the way inline scripts are handled. For example, validating the post convention for signing posts to leads to this warning:

Warning: The charset attribute on the script element is obsolete.

From line 271, column 1; to line 271, column 78

>↩↩</div>↩<script src="../../ikiwiki/ikiwiki.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></scri

Seems like a low-hanging fruit...

There are other errors on my blog, namely the pubdate=pubdate blob added by IkiWiki::displaytime, no idea where that's coming from, but it's not standard anymore. See for example, this validation and also the time element specification. It looks like it was part of HTML5 but was removed at some later point. According to this GitHub comment on the react project, it was replaced by the itemprop attribute, as in itemprop="datePublished". See also this w3 example. Phew.

-- anarcat 2022-09-01

For pubdate, I created pubdate not valid for html5 in 2020, with a patch. I've applied that in my opinionated ikiwiki container. -- Jon, 2022-09-06