I'm looking at ikiwiki both for my personal site but also as a team-documentation management system for a small-sized group of UNIX sysadmins.

  • my edits should appear either as 'Jon' (if I've used untrusted git push); '', '', 'jmtd' if I've forgotten to set my local git config properly, or once upon a time '' or 'jondowland'.
  • My homepage is powered by ikiwiki

I gave a talk at the UK UNIX User's Group annual Linux conference in 2008 about organising system administrator documentation. Roughly a third of this talk was discussing IkiWiki in some technical detail and suggesting it as a good piece of software for this task.

I am also working on some ikiwiki hacks:

I am mostly interested in ikiwiki usability issues:

The following I have been looking at, but are on the back-burner:

Penultimately, the following are merely half-formed thoughts:

  • adding and removing tags to pages via the edit form by ticking and unticking checkboxes next to a tag name (rather than entering the directive into the text of the page directly)
  • perhaps the same for meta
  • I'd like to make profiling ikiwiki in action very easy for newcomers. Perhaps even a plugin that created a file /profile or similar on build.


Finally, backlinks (since I have issues with the current backlinks implementation, see backlinks onhover thing can go weird):