Is anyone successfull mirroring feeds from ikiwiki to (or another instance)? How did you set up your feed?

When I try to, presents me with an error about no "author ID URI" being found in the feed. Indeed the ikiwiki-generated atom feed only has got a global "author" - I presume requires author information in each entry. Is it possible to set up ikiwiki's feed that way?

Adding [[!meta author="me"]] to the entries and/or the feedpage does not help.
Comment by Franek Sat May 19 10:51:42 2012

I did some more experiments setting not only "[[!meta author=...", but also "authorurl" globally and per-entry in various combinations, with no success. As far as I could see, "authorurl" had no effect on the atom feed whatsoever.

It seems that wants a feed to have an field with a subfield, as described here: . Is there a way to achieve this with ikiwiki inline-feeds?

I also found two old and unresolved bugreports on the matter:

Comment by Franek Sun May 20 06:46:07 2012

The templates atompage.tmpl and/or atomitem.tmpl appear to be what would have to be altered to satisfy I did that on my system, just hard-coding a element into for testing. In one respect, it worked: does not complain about the missing author uri any more. In another, it did not, another error comes up now: "Internal server error" and something like "could not add feed".

I do not know where to go from this very unspecific error message. I guess I am going to try something like, for now.

Comment by Franek Sat May 26 15:31:19 2012