Do custom themes have to live outside of the wiki (eg. /usr/share/ikiwiki/themes/) or is there a way for them to live inside of the wiki srcdir?

I haven't been able to find a way so for now I'm just using a symlink, but that's a bit ugly.

I ask because I do most of my ikiwiki work on my laptop and then push changes to my server. It's not a big deal but it's annoying to have to sync the themes separately and it seems like something which should be able to live inside the wiki like templates.


The theme plugin is just a shortcut for adding an underlay with a style.css and maybe some images. If you want to base your design on a modified theme, copy the theme's style.css (or part of it) to the local.css in your wiki's repository; you can also copy in the images and disable the theme plugin entirely.
Comment by smcv Sat Jan 29 14:17:40 2011
Ah that makes sense, thanks!
Comment by Adam Sat Jan 29 15:32:18 2011