From the latest homebrew, it prompts the following seearch result:

$ brew search ikiwiki
No formula found for "ikiwiki".
Searching pull requests...
Closed pull requests:
Add ikiwiki (
Add ikiwiki formula (

Reading the messages on those two GitHub links, it seems the request of adding Ikiwiki into Homebrew is rejected for too much Perl dependencies but an "HomeBrew-Alt" is possible. Does anyone know if Ikiwiki is added to this "HomeBrew-Alt"? How to install Ikiwiki on Mac OS X using "Homebrew-Alt"? I'm desperate in getting Ikiwiki to work on my Mac computers.

I don't use Homebrew and can't speak for it, but have you tried the suggestion in ikiwiki on mac os x?
Comment by Amitai Tue Oct 14 18:41:59 2014
I second that request. Although it is possible to install ikiwiki like amitai suggests, it would be a great convenience to be able to just "brew install ikiwiki".
Comment by openmedi Wed Oct 15 08:33:28 2014

Maybe someone reading this is able to act on your request. In case that's not true, I'd suggest investigating a few questions on the Homebrew side of things:

  1. From Homebrew's 2011 point of view, why did flangy consider "large number of perl dependencies" to be a basis for rejection?
  2. From Homebrew's 2014 point of view, is that rationale still considered valid?
  3. If so, then does Homebrew make it easy for users to install formulae from repositories other than the official one?
  4. If so, then is there an existing non-official repository that either contains an ikiwiki formula or would be willing to accept one?

Since I already use pkgsrc for all my packages (not only ikiwiki) on all my systems (not only OS X), I'm unmotivated to pursue this line of inquiry for possibly zero benefit. If you're already invested in Homebrew, and happy about it, then perhaps it's worth it to you to get this figured out.

Comment by Amitai Wed Oct 15 09:43:24 2014

I asked the homebrew people on freenode. Here's what I got:

My Question: (Hopefully) quick question: There has been an interest in having a brew formula for the static wiki generator ikiwiki (see in 2011 a pull request for that ( was closed due to too many perl dependencies. It was suggestet, that one uses homebrew-alt instead. Since homebrew-alt doesn’t seem to exist (anymore), I was curious what one can do to move this request forward.

Answer: You can always host a formula yourself without having it accepted into homebrew core, using the tap mechanism. We have some formulas for packages written in Python where we explicitly fetch and install the dependencies into the parent formula's prefix; check out ansible.rb for an example. If you can do something like that for ikiwiki's dependencies, that would probably go through.

I'll look into it, but have to admit, that I have very little time right now (and am also not sure, if I am able to produce a working brew formula…). But maybe somebody else now has enough info to get startet.

Comment by openmedi Wed Oct 15 14:49:16 2014