I try to merge my existing blog with my wiki. I just started the process and ran into a problem:

I created a blog in my ikiwiki install and wanted to import my blogposts, that are just a bunch of (octopress) text files. Of course, ikiwiki can read them, etc. Here's my problem: When adding an old post to git, the imported blog article in my wiki is shown to be posted today. This is not the desired behaviour, since I have published this article a while before. The only way to change this I found was to fiddle around with the commit where I added the post. A way to this is described in this stackoverflow answer.

This works. Well, almost.

For some weird reason the "posted" time is off one hour. Let's say, I published an article Fri Mar 2 01:30:00 2012. I corrected the commit as outlined by the link I provided. Ikiwiki will show that the article got posted at Fri Mar 2 00:30:00 2012. The only reason I can think of, that could produce this error, is DST. Has anyone an idea how to correct this error? Did I do something wrong or did I overlook something?

Any help is appreciated!

It does sound as though you have some sort of DST issue going on. Did you specify the time zone taking into account DST (e.g. if you are in USA Eastern time (UTC-05:00) and you wrote a blog post in summer, you'll want to use -0400)?

You don't need to alter the git commit dates, you can use something like [[!meta date="2014-09-24 08:26:05+0100"]] which takes precedence over the commit date from git.

Comment by smcv Wed Sep 24 03:27:38 2014
Thank you for pointing out the meta directive to me! This was exactly what I was looking for. :) Also, you were right, I didn't use the right offset. Everything works now.
Comment by openmedi Wed Sep 24 09:19:58 2014