Unfortunately debian stable / squeeze repos are still on version 3.20100815.7

Do you think squeeze will update to a newer version soon? I am lacking support of the gallery plugin and 1 more that I forgot right now ;)

Is everyone else upgrading by directly installing via dpkg (no updates, but yeah)?


Nothing wrong with 3.20100815.7 unless you need newer features.

At Branchable we run Debian stable and backport the current ikiwiki to run on it. This is quite easy to do, it just builds and works. (Edit debian/control and s/markdown-discount/markdown/)

It's probably time someone released a backport. I have historically not done that myself though.

Comment by joey Mon Jan 16 10:52:22 2012
Comment by Christian Mon Jan 16 11:31:22 2012

Thanks Joey, also for the replacement hint, had to install one or two dependencies and it worked like a charm. Version from the day before yesterday now. (Awesome!)

I have not upgraded the mypage.setup file, yet. I included "headinganchors" which does not seem to work right now. The page compiles without errors but contains no anchors when viewed in browser. Hm..

Great job thanks again!

Comment by Christian Mon Jan 16 21:18:06 2012

just for the record - I created a new wiki and the setup file is then automatically in YAML format. I think I am going to just transfer the settings from the "old" setup file to the new one.

If anyone has an idea why the headinganchors don't work, pls let me know.

As for the rest - insanely cool piece of software - great

Comment by Christian Mon Jan 16 21:30:32 2012