today I encountered a strange behaviour of ikiwiki that I'm trying to understand...

I linked to a subpage using


and saved the file. Then I added it to the repo, committed it, and ran

ikiwiki --setup setupfile.setup

Afterwards some older links of the same style were displayed correctly, but one new link remained black - i.e. with no question mark to it. I figure that means ikiwiki has recognized the syntax but did not create a link in the html file.

I messed around a bit, recompiling many times did not work. After a while I opened the file via the web editing formular and saved it from there ("Save Page").

After that the link was there.

I dont know why. My question is - what does ikiwiki do differently when saved from the web form than when saving an editor and then running ikiwiki --setup setupfile.setup.

Btw. my version is still 3.20100815.7 since I'm on squeeze and like to stick with the repo versions.

Thanks in advance, Chris

with "no question mark to it" means "being no link (target exists) AND with no question mark to it" thx

Comment by Christian Sat Dec 3 13:17:57 2011

One more thing: my syntax with the above post is not correct - the linking syntax was/is


ie. I got one slash too much above.

Comment by Christian Sat Dec 3 13:25:58 2011