I've been recently using a template this

Related posts:

[[!inline  pages="blog/posts/*
        and !blog/posts/*/*
        and !Discussion
        and !tagged(draft)
        and <TMPL_VAR raw_tagged>"

Which I then call by doing this at the end of my blog posts on my ikiwiki install

[[!tag  software linux]]
[[!template  id=related tagged="tagged(software) or tagged(linux)"]]

It somewhat works, I was wondering if anyone else has tried to do something like the above to get "related posts" based on tags. The way that I have done it isn't very clever as it only links to the last 5 most recently posted items based on my parameters. Is it possible to "randomly" select a bunch of links from a set of user defined pagespecs?

I know that the backlinks plugin exists for this sort of stuff (related links), it just lacks some user configuration options.

I guess what you need is an extension to sorting to support "random" as a sort method. Remember though, that the chosen few would only change when the page was regenerated, not on every page view. -- Jon