I have a second plugin that adds a directive 'dump', and dumps all sorts of information (env variables and template variables) about a page into the end of the page. It's cheesy, but it's available in my Dropbox as well as the Asciidoc plugin.


  • It really ought to use some kind of template instead of HTML. In fact, it ought to embed its information in template variables of some kind rather than stuffing it into the end of the page.

I took my own advice and rewrote the dump plugin so that it uses a template. A sample template has been added to my Dropbox.


  • Dumps appear at the end of the page rather than where the directive occurs.
  • For some reason I haven't yet figured out, dumps don't appear in page previews.
  • I haven't tested inlined content and the dump plugin.
Comment by Glenn Sat Oct 2 20:45:47 2010