running ikiwiki from squeeze backports I see frequently in the logs:

Empty sha1sum for 'ikiwiki/pagespec.mdwn'.

The page varies. What are these messages about? The code that emits this comes from the git plugin, and this page is indeed not in git. So is this just noise? Or rather, why does ikiwiki need to look at these?

thanks in advance!

Hmm, this is a debug message, so only printed or logged if verbose mode is enabled. As far as I can see, in normal operation this could only happen if you use the web interface to edit a page that's coming originally from ikiwiki's underlay -- such as ikiwiki/pagespec.mdwn, or a page in the srcdir whose file is indeed not checked into git for some reason.

Doesn't seem useful, so I've nuked the message.

Comment by joey Thu Mar 22 13:06:05 2012

Hmm, I see this 2-3 times a day on a internet exposed ikiwiki. There shouldn't be any editing of such files, especially not of files from the underlay - the only editing permissions are for blog comments.

I'll have to check what's going on better, thanks for the reply!

Comment by Iustin Pop Thu Mar 22 15:34:55 2012