I'm stuck with a Ā«Error: "do" parameter missingĀ» message I can't fix.

I'm using ikiwiki 3.20100815.7 on a debian 6.0.4 system.

Error redirection is obvisously configured, also the dot cgi thing.

You can test it at http://wikimix.cc/thisuridoesntexist

The procedure of creating a reference to a new page gives the same error.

Any clue?

Did you enable the 404 plugin?

Which web server? That plugin is meant to work with Apache 2; in principle it should be possible to make it work with other web servers, but it'll need some setup.

The 404 plugin relies on your web server giving IkiWiki some extra information about 404s; lighttpd doesn't currently provide enough information for IkiWiki to detect 404s reliably, for instance.

Comment by smcv Tue May 22 09:46:20 2012

Gosh, that was it.

Grrr. Sorry for being too rookie O:-)


Comment by ismael [olea.org] Tue May 22 17:24:37 2012