I returned to one of my old ikiwiki blogs and received the above error message after entering (on the web interface of the blog) a title for a new post.

I found the following three locks in the .ikiwiki directory of the blog:

-rw-r--r-- 1 zoidberg zoidberg 0 May 23 15:10 cgilock -rw-r--r-- 1 zoidberg zoidberg 0 May 23 15:20 lockfile -rw------- 1 zoidberg zoidberg 0 May 23 15:10 sessions.db.lck

When I delete these and and again try to create a new post the above error message reappears and the locks have been recreated.

Re-running 'ikiwiki --setup myblog.setup' disclosed a couple of permission problems (files owned by root - bah), but fixing them has had no effect on hte behavior of the blog.

I really would like to rehab this ikiwiki blog!


I believe that error message indicates that the lockedit plugin is preventing editing. Either make the user account you're trying to use into a wiki admin via the adminuser setting:

# either or both of these
- yourname
- http://your-openid.example.com/

or allow that user to edit pages by altering the locked_pages setting.

Comment by smcv Fri May 23 18:02:07 2014

Thanks. Your prompt reply encouraged me to poke around a bit more. I found a perl module was missing (how I cannot imagine) XML/Writer.pm. Installing the relevant deb seemed to fix things up.

nb This is a rather old install of ikiwiki. It dates from 2009.

ps Your use of ikiwiki for your homepage is quite impressive, and tasteful!


Comment by bernstein Fri May 23 22:04:07 2014