For example, I need to deploy a wiki site in English and a non-English language. It can be assumed all pages are available in English. Some of the pages are/should be available in the other language. When a user creates/edits the one version of a page, he may or may not create/edit the version of the opposite language.

Is there some recommended settings for this?

For example, I'd like a link pointing to the opposite language version displayed on a page:

This is an English page   <LINK TO LOCAL LANGUAGE VERSION>


&*^&*^*(*()*)(^%^$%^%^&*^ <LINK TO ENGLISH VERSION>

Any ideas how best to achieve something like this?

Also, can I have non-ASCII char in source file names (.mdwn)?

Use the po plugin for this.

(Yes, you may use any utf-8 in filenames of pages, as well as page contents.)

Comment by joey Sun May 22 18:24:12 2011