In a Ikiwiki instance, I made a subdirectory to hold blog pages



On blog.mdwn, reader by default see the last 10 posts, but it seems there is no link to blog pages older than that. What's a good way to make titles of blog pages older also somehow visible to reader at the blog front page blog.mdwn?

On any individual blog page such as blog1.mdwn, there is not a link to the blog pages immediately before and after it. How to make such links?

To get just the titles of older posts, you want an inline with archive="yes", probably one that skips the same number of posts displayed in full:

[[!inline pages="blog/* and !*/Discussion"
  skip="10" feeds="no" archive="yes"]]

To get 'next' and 'previous' links on each post, use a recent IkiWiki version, enable the trail plugin and add trail="yes" to your main inline:

[[!inline pages="blog/* and !*/Discussion"
  show="10" trail="yes"]]

For instance see my blog.

Comment by smcv Sat Aug 4 13:22:18 2012

I tried putting



add_plugins => [qw{ 

in site.setup and rebuild. It gives error

Failed to load plugin IkiWiki::Plugin::trail: Can't locate IkiWiki/Plugin/ in @IN ...
Comment by FName Wed Aug 8 20:11:26 2012