Well, I simply don't see it. I would like to change the "account registration" page, where it says user, password, repeat password, Account Creation Password, E-Mail.

I simply want it to ask a question like "Who's your daddy" or "What are we all working on" instead of "Account creation password".

I already grepped through the files of the source which I compiled ikiwiki from - I just can't find it. I'm a noob in cgi, it seems to be somewhat in there, but that could also be totally wrong.

Can you tell me where to look?

Sure.. You're looking for the file IkiWiki/Plugin/passwordauth.pm

This line in particular is the text that gets modified and displayed to the user.

                                        name => "account_creation_password",
Comment by joey Mon Jan 30 15:30:20 2012
Comment by Christian Wed Feb 29 02:58:26 2012