I am trying in a wiki to "manually," i.e. not using the web interface, use the "page/index.html" type of page creation.

In my working clone src dir I can use, in succession, commands such as:

mkdir MyNewPage

touch MyNewPage/index.mdwn

git add MyNewPage MyNewPage/index.mdwn

[here I edit the new index.mdwn]

git commit -a

git push

These are, roughly, the steps I have taken, and they seem to work. But surely there is a more elegant, Ikiwiki-ish solution.

I get it. All I have to do is create NewPage.mdwn, add, commit, git pull and then git push, and lo and behold, NewPage/index.html is in my destination dir.
Comment by Bob Mon Jun 2 20:33:59 2014