Several users will post to the same blog. I would like the meta "author" field to be set to their ikiwiki username automatically and attached to their posts such that they can not alter it. I imagine one could use the <TMPL_VAR USER> variable in the "inlinepage" template, but this variable does not seem to be set. How can I accomplish that?

Related question: is there a way to see all the variables which are set and their value?

This does not seem to be possible directly according to the discussion here: Possible to use meta variables in templates?.

The solution I chose in the end was to set up a template which prepares the meta and suggests the author to fill it in with his user name. Maybe the best way would be to create actually one blog per author, define a template for each author (based on the pagespec and on the lockedpages to constrain authors to write only on their blog) and then an inline page which includes all the individual blogs.

Comment by maurizio Fri Jun 22 16:33:59 2012