I want to learn how to use a text editor in addition to the web interface. I am stuck on pushing changes back to where they're supposed to go.

I have done:

git clone Zoidwicky.git Zoidwicky.src

and then, after editing sidebar.mdwn in that new Zoidwicky.src directory

git commit sidebar.mdwn

Now I believe I must use git push to move that change to I am not sure where.

I learn best by example. Would someone be good enough to post an example of what that 'git push" command might look like?

Here are some samples of what I have tried:

$ git push sidebar.mdwn Zoidwicky.git
fatal: Invalid gitfile format: sidebar.mdwn

$ git push sidebar.mdwn /home/zoid/Zoidwicky.git/
fatal: remote part of refspec is not a valid name in   /home/zoidberg/Zoidwicky.git

Just use "git push" without any arguments at all.

 git push
Comment by kerravonsen [dreamwidth.org] Sat May 24 19:30:43 2014
Ah. That is simple enough even for me! Thank you so much!
Comment by bernstein Sat May 24 23:39:41 2014