Since ikiwiki doesn't have much of a chance of working in windows, how about we compromise by making an offline ikiwiki editor for Windows? In fact, it might be advantageous to use it in Linux, too...

It should be very simple: It would enter the source wiki and show the Markdown code by default, but would have an option to preview your page in another tab.

Basic features:

  • wikilinks, maps, images, inlinepages, and other basic functions should all work in the preview
  • perhaps use local.css to format preview
  • See the DVCS history with diffs and all
  • have a discussion tab to easily see what other people have said about the page

If we want to add some more bells and whistles, maybe we could throw in some buttons to insert markdown formatting (like in forums, mediawiki, or RES).

Any thoughts on this?

It would probably be quite complex to write, and difficult to maintain. I don't think much of your chances of getting someone to write it. If you want to write it yourself, have fun doing so!
Comment by kerravonsen [] Fri Jan 13 18:32:47 2012

Eh, ok, lol. I know that implementing most of the wiki features over again could be difficult, and so would a Git diff reader, but it shouldn't be that hard to get Wikilinking or a markdown previewer working.

Could you point out some specific problems of this approach, so that it would help me out to do so?

Comment by Lawrence Fri Jan 13 23:14:38 2012

Like, there's already a whole host of Markdown previewer apps that are pretty good. Here's a popular one on Mac, and there are many more...

There's also a plugin for Emacs that does so, and even resolves wikilinks (in some way..).

But I'd have to say that I probably made a misleading title, WYSIWYG would probably be low on the list of needed features. And I'm just dumping an idea I have here in case anyone has any suggestions or comments, I'll probably do it myself in my free time.

Comment by Lawrence Sat Jan 14 13:41:52 2012
Comment by Christian Tue Jan 17 07:10:09 2012