Has anyone else created ikiwiki themes for mobile devices like phones and tablets?

I've been using Blueview theme for a few years and finally tried to adapt the theme for my phone. My local.css is here, and my hobby web page full of images and videos here.

Previously I also had problems like wasted screen space, big minimum width and images not scaled down to the CSS element. Those got fixed as well. Would be nice if others could test that and maybe share their setups.

Hello Mikko,

Thank you for sharing! I like what you have done. Needs some more work according to Google mind:

We need to "mobilize" ikiwiki.info. And then I need to fix my own site: http://webconverger.org/ !!

Comment by Kai Hendry Fri May 8 02:39:19 2015

Recent ikiwiki is meant to scale down to phone sizes using similar techniques, although it isn't fully there yet. Further patches to style.css would be very welcome...

Comment by smcv Sat May 9 03:06:01 2015
Sorry, I was using my own local.css and page.tmpl that was exacerbating the issue.
Comment by Kai Hendry Sat May 9 22:22:27 2015