I copied ikiwiki from old host to new. Old is Debian GNU/Linux version 5.0.7, with ikiwiki 3.1415926~bpo50+1 New host is 5.0.8 with ikiwiki 3.20100815~bpo50+1

I have ikiwiki.setup and both GIT repos from old host, src and src.git, the latter is bare repo.

I suspect I have messed up things in the old host, since the src directory tree is much larger than the src.git. tale@tugelbend:~/wiki$ du -sh src src.git/ 8,3M src 2,6M src.git/

If I clone the src.git to the new host, I get after ikiwiki --setup web pages from year 2009. So I did the migration like this:

Copy the src directory to the new host to temp dir; git clone --bare /tmp/Foo/src ~/wiki/wiki.git cd ~/wiki git clone wiki.git wiki.src cd .. ikiwiki --setup ikiwiki.setup

I believe I have modified the ikiwiki.setup file correctly, I get no error messages and it makes the web page with the same content as on old host. But when I git clone wiki.git a working copy for myself, and edit it, git commit -a ; git push I am sad to see the web page is not updated.

How can I see what is wrong? The hook seems OK: taleman@porixi:~/wiki$ ls -lh wiki.git/hooks/post-update -rwsr-sr-x 1 taleman taleman 14K 23.12. 17:42 wiki.git/hooks/post-update

ikiwiki --setup created that and did not claim any errors.

Try running the post-update hook by hand and see if it pulls the changes into ~/wiki/wiki.src and see if it updates the site.

Make sure gitorigin_branch is set in the setup file.

Comment by joey Sat Dec 24 20:07:28 2011

In both old and new host gitorigin_branch is empty string in ikiwiki.setup.

tale@tugelbend:~$ grep -i gitorigin ikiwiki.setup 
gitorigin_branch => '',

The branches subdir is empty on both hosts:

tale@tugelbend:~$ LANG=C ls -lha wiki/src.git/branches/
total 8.0K
drwxr-xr-x 2 tale tale 4.0K Dec 24  2009 .
drwxr-xr-x 7 tale tale 4.0K Dec 24  2009 ..

I do not know what value I should assign to gitorigin_branch.

I tried


but nothing seems to happen. No output, web page stays the same. File timestamps are not updated on the dest directory.

Comment by tale Tue Dec 27 12:18:31 2011

I now set up virtual host in apache2 and fudged the ipnumber to correspond to hostnames the ikiwiki uses. I do not want to update DNS before I have checked the site works.

Now I can log in using OpenID and edit the wiki via browser. This time the web pages are updated and the changes I made appear in the wiki.

I cheched the gitorigin_branch setting was empty string even in 2009 when I got this wiki. I begin to suspect editing the wiki using a git checkout would not work even in the host the ikiwiki is currently running on, and maybe did not work in the host it was running on in 2009.

It looks to me like ikiwiki is working on this new host except git configuration is somehow messed up. It is possible I never did use git checkout on the old host.

Comment by tale Tue Dec 27 14:47:16 2011

I did git clone src.git on the host ikiwiki is currently running on, and got an old version of the wiki, not the one that is diplayed on the web page.

So even there editing via browser works, but git checks out an old version and the changes I make do not get shown on the web page after git push.

This new host I set up is thus no worse, actually slighty better now because git clone at least gets me the sources the web pages are generated from.

How to figure out what is wrong with ikiwiki setup in the using git part?

Comment by tale Tue Dec 27 14:59:38 2011

I learned from docs setting gitorigin_branch to empty string disables git pushing and pulling. So guessing

gitorigin_branch => 'master',

seemed a good idea.

However, now ikiwiki -setup gives:

taleman@porixi:~$ ikiwiki -setup ikiwiki.setup 
successfully generated /var/www/ikiwiki/debian.fi/ikiwiki.cgi
successfully generated /home/taleman/wiki/wiki.git/hooks/post-update
fatal: 'master': unable to chdir or not a git archive
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
'git pull master' failed:  at /usr/share/perl5/IkiWiki/Plugin/git.pm line 195.
Comment by tale Tue Dec 27 23:22:57 2011