unfortunately, openID is not working at my wiki. I get the error

no_identity_server: The provided URL doesn't declare its OpenID identity server.

I think this is related to the ID of my wiki not being defined right. Where and how do I have to define it? I have used the !meta openid as described on ikiwiki.info (are there two quotes at the end where only one should be (joeyh example) on index.html.

Somehow I think its not transferred right to the openID provider of the user upon login.

thanks in advance chris

Do I have to install the openid apache module, load it, and configure apache to use my openid? Except that in my case I can get it from the package system, there is a description here what I mean. I got a feeling that's it.
Comment by Christian Wed Jan 18 11:40:57 2012

Yes, good spotting, meta had a doubled quote in the openid example.

Otherwise, that example will work. You don't need anything installed on your server to add openid delegation to a page.

Comment by joey Mon Jan 30 15:34:00 2012

I'm using ikiwiki package from Debian squeeze and I can't seem to be able to make OpenID work. It's a blog and when I try to add a comment and click on SignIn, I'm redirected to


Once I click on Google logo/icon, it takes a while before showing

no_identity_server: The provided URL doesn't declare its OpenID identity server.

It's not clear for me what's wrong or if I should add meta openid in some page. This is the version of libnet-openid-consumer-perl: 1.03-1. It also fails for Yahoo! and other providers, we never get redirected to Google/Yahoo! or other verification page.

Thank you in advance!

Comment by Felipe Augusto Wed Feb 8 00:54:22 2012
I had the error with squeeze, too. Have now moved to passwordauth, at least for now...
Comment by Christian Wed Feb 29 02:59:21 2012
I tried just now and it does work, and it is quite surprising
Comment by Dion Mon Dec 8 13:44:49 2014