I've been searching on this topic for a while and haven't found a solution, so I'd like to ask here.

I have a blog which I mostly use as a tech-note reminder system for myself (how did I setup my server, etc). Occasionally I find it useful to include files which are not posts, and links to those files.

Right now, I scp the files to the server to get them in a place accessible by the web server, then use a relative link within the post. This works, but it strikes me that the files are as much a part of the post as the post itself, and therefore should be tracked. The problem with tracking the files is the inline directive gives those files their own entries as posts in the blog. I do not want them to have their own entries, but I do want them co-located with the file containing the post from which they are referenced.

So, is there a way to have only *.mdwn files be picked up as posts by the inline directive (I tried using a PageSpec of *.mdwn, but that didn't work)? Or, conversely, to exclude other files from being picked up as posts? Or am I not seeing another way to go about this task?

Change the pagespec in the inline, for instance from posts/* to page(posts/*).

page(*) only matches "pages" (things that get rendered to HTML, which is just .mdwn files in a default ikiwiki, but can include other things with the right plugins).

On my blog I use "2* and copyright(*)", which is a bit of a hack: it matches files in the directories I use for posts (which are year-based), but only if they have an explicit copyright statement - which my blog posts do, but "structural" pages (like a list of all posts from 2011) don't.

Comment by smcv Tue Jan 3 07:29:59 2012

Thank you sir, that was exactly what I needed!

Don't know why I didn't think to try page - apparently I have a special blindness which applies to looking at the pagespec help page. ;)

Anyway, thanks again, that fixed it.

Comment by dave Wed Jan 4 00:01:54 2012