I'm working on consolidating my blog and wiki with ikiwiki. I have the following question: Is it possible to serve a blog under a different subdomain? For example: URL of the wiki: wiki.example.com and I would like to be able to reach the blog under the URL blog.example.com. The permalink structure right now looks like this: wiki.example.com/blog/post/ is it possible to rewrite it so it is served as blog.example.com/post/? I don't even know if this is a question for the ikiwiki forum, but I need to start somewhere.

Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to accomplish that!

I am not sure to have understood your question, but I assume the following:

  • your source wiki contains some subdirectory blog;
  • you want the whole wiki to be served as ?wiki.example.com
  • you want the blog subdirectory serves as ?blog.example.com

If so, what you can do is having two different setup files.

  • the first one would contain (using the old setup file format, but you can adapt it for the new one):

    srcdir => "/path/to/your/source/wiki/",
    url => "http://wiki.example.com",
  • and the second one would contain:

    srcdir => "/path/to/your/source/wiki/blog",
    url => "http://blog.example.com",

I hope I answered your question.

-- Louis

Comment by spalax Sat Sep 27 02:18:29 2014
I think you can also (assuming you are using Apache2, and having some control over it) make apache redirect ?blog.example.com to ?blog.
Comment by spalax Sat Sep 27 02:20:09 2014