Hi! My wiki is behind a proxy and, as I understood looking in the web, I need to set the environment variables using ENV inside the wiki's config.

So far I tried:

ENV: { http_proxy => 'http://proxy.uns.edu.ar:1280/', https_proxy => 'http://proxy.uns.edu.ar:1280/' }

without luck, as I get:

YAML::XS::Load Error: The problem:

found unexpected ':'

was found at document: 1, line: 85, column: 22 while scanning a plain scalar at line: 85, column: 3 usage: ikiwiki [options] source dest ikiwiki --setup configfile

What am I missing? (maybe learning perl?)

If your wiki configuration is written in YAML (it says IkiWiki::Setup::Yaml near the top), the correct syntax is something like

  http_proxy: http://proxy.uns.edu.ar:1280/
  https_proxy: http://proxy.uns.edu.ar:1280/


ENV: { http_proxy: 'http://proxy.uns.edu.ar:1280/', https_proxy: 'http://proxy.uns.edu.ar:1280/' }

(many variations are possible, see http://www.yaml.org/).

The syntax you quoted is correct for Perl-syntax setup files (which will mention IkiWiki::Setup::Standard near the top), but not YAML ones.

Comment by smcv Wed Oct 10 09:45:10 2012