Is it possible to split an ikiwiki (with git backend) in to two?

Suppose I have an ikiwiki called myiki

which contains the pages


now I want to have two wikis called myikiA and myikiB

such that

myikiA contains pageA1,pageA2,...

The history of myikiA should contain the whole history of those pages but no history of pageB1,pageB2,...


myikiB contains pageB1,pageB2,...

The history of myikiB should contain the whole history of those pages but no history of pageA1,pageA2,...

The only thing I can think of is to clone the wiki, and for WikiA, delete PageB, and for WikiB, delete PageA. This won't remove the histories of those pages, but it will at least remove those pages.
Comment by kerravonsen [] Sat Dec 3 15:45:06 2011

If just deleting the unwanted pages is insufficient (e.g. perhaps they contain information that must not be made public), you can split a git repository (including ikiwiki repositories) with git filter-branch (see this stackoverflow question, for instance).

This preserves the history of each individual page, but rewrites the entire history of the repository (it re-does every commit, pretending that the addition of the omitted pages and every subsequent edit to them had never happened); it's like git rebase but more so.

As a result, existing branches will no longer be able to push to the rewritten repository.

Comment by smcv Sun Dec 4 09:37:27 2011
@smcv: Thanks, that looks promising. The example from stackoverflow is with subdirectories. What do I have to change to match a list of single files (pages) instead?
Comment by micheal Sun Dec 4 10:03:55 2011
I have put the question on stackoverflow:
Comment by micheal Fri Dec 9 05:21:05 2011