I am very confused with the template variables. I cannot find any documentation of which ones are available, where are they set, etc.

I see that in the default templates, there are things like this (rssitem.tmpl):

    <dcterms:creator><TMPL_VAR AUTHOR ESCAPE=HTML></dcterms:creator>
    <title><TMPL_VAR TITLE></title>

But I don't get this in my RSS, and I don't know how to add those variables, except for mentions of some plugins that are not yet merged.

I also see that the 'author' data is one of the fields that can be set with the meta directive, but I understand that meta is processed after the templates, so it cannot be the source; right?

Any help appreciated!

PS: what I am tring to do now is to add a proper author field to my feeds, but I also want to understand how to use the templating system.

well, it seems that if I do set up the author and authorurl meta variables in the index.mdwn, I get the author in the ATOM feed file. I don't know why, if it is because the feed creation is invoked from that page or if it is automagically taken from the main page.

At the same time, the rss feed does not get the author, even if the default template should have included it for each item in the feed.

Comment by tincho Wed Oct 2 01:40:59 2013
What version of ikiwiki are you running? ?Version 3.20130904 introduced some changes to the RSS and Atom templates that may help you.
Comment by Amitai Tue Nov 5 15:18:10 2013
I am using the same version as you say. And the entry template has a place for author that does not get populated. The page template does not, on the other hand.
Comment by tincho Tue Nov 5 15:35:45 2013