Hi, Installed ikiwiki on my ubuntu (04.10) box; after creating a blog according to your setup instructions I cannot edit files on the web interface, and I get this errer «The requested URL /~jean/blog/ikiwiki.cgi was not found on this server.» I have no idea what to do (sorry for my ignorance)


Make sure you have a ~/public_html/ikiwiki.cgi. Your setup file should generate that via the cgi_wrapper option.

Maybe you need to follow the dot cgi tip to make apache see it. --Joey

OK, I followed the dot cgi tip and this error diappears, thanks a lot! So ubuntu doesn't provide a "working out of the box" ikiwiki.

But I get a new error message now when trying to edit a page:

Error: "do" parameter missing

My plugins now: add_plugins => [qw{goodstuff websetup comments blogspam 404 muse}],

Comment by jeanm Sat Jun 19 09:35:37 2010
That's an unusual problem. Normally the url or form that calls ikiwiki.cgi includes a "do" parameter, like "do=edit". I'd have to see the site to debug why it is missing for you.
Comment by joey [kitenet.net] Wed Jun 23 13:03:12 2010

the site address is piaffer.org, with a link to blog just over the picture. tia,

Comment by jeanm Wed Jun 30 03:30:08 2010

What is the muse plugin that you have enabled? I am not familiar with it.

Apparently your ikiwiki is not seeing cgi parameters that should be passed to it. This appears to be some kind of web server misconfiguration, or possibly a broken ikiwiki wrapper or broken CGI.pm.

Comment by joey Sun Jul 4 14:16:26 2010
I just debugged this problem with someone else who was using ngix-fcgi. There was a problem with it not passing CGI environment variables properly. If you're using that, it might explain your problem.
Comment by joey Thu Jul 8 02:04:44 2010

I'm using apache and mostly firefox. I've tried some changes in my config but still the same problem, then I fell ill and unable to try anything more. Now I seem to be better and I will go back to the problem soon. Thx

Comment by jeanm Mon Jul 12 13:43:31 2010

I also get "Error: "do" parameter missing" and am using nginx with fcgi. What was the problem with the environment variables and how should i fix it? thanks, bayle

Comment by Bayle Mon Oct 31 01:57:43 2011

I am getting this 'Error: "do" parameter missing' when trying to log in as well. I am using Apache and Firefox. The Apache error log says "Died at /usr/share/perl5/IkiWiki/CGI.pm line 428." when it dies.

I do have ssl set up, not sure if this is part of the problem?

Comment by andrewspiers [pip.verisignlabs.com] Thu Aug 23 23:47:07 2012
SSL was the problem, it was necessary to specify https:// in the url=> and cgiurl=> parameters in ikiwiki.setup, the redirect wasn't working otherwise.
Comment by andrewspiers [pip.verisignlabs.com] Fri Aug 24 00:29:06 2012