Is a *.html source file containing supposed to work?

I added a foo.html containing

<body><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></body>

after normal build when I visit it gives me a normal page with head and footnote texts but empty body

Any ideas how this could/should work?

Ikiwiki has a htmlscrubber that removes possibly insecure javascript (ie, all javascript) by default. It can be configured. Or you can use the rawhtml plugin if you want to include raw html in a site without ikiwiki touching it at all.
Comment by joey Sat May 21 19:37:23 2011
Is it possible to have a section of rawhtml in a foo.mdwn file so I can mix markdown with HTML with <script>...</script>?
Comment by Sat May 21 21:22:42 2011
No, if the htmlscrubber is enabled for that page it will still scrub it.
Comment by joey Sun May 22 13:27:32 2011