Thank you very much for ikiwiki. I successfully started using it. Now I have a simple question that I am not able to answer myself at the moment:

In the directory structure of ikiwiki I placed a file (in this case a video). In an ikiwiki page I would like to create a link to this file, so that the user can download it. Of course I can do this using a link to the absolute url, including hostname and the full path. But when I move the wiki to another host, this will not be valid anymore. Therefore my question: Is there a way to automatically create a link to a file by relatively specifying the destination? Say, I have a directory foo with a page foo/bar.mdwn and a folder foo/downloads with a file foo/downloads/video.mp4, I would like to refer to this file using "downloads/video.mp4" or something similar. Is there such a possibility?

You could use a relative URL in a standard MarkDown link:

[download the video](../downloads/video.mp4)

or an ikiwiki WikiLink to the file (just like you would for a page):

[[download the video|foo/bar/downloads/video.mp4]]
Comment by smcv Sun Sep 11 06:20:14 2011