Hi - we are switching to ikiwiki for the Savannah documentation http://savannah.gnu.org/maintenance. I installed the Debian ikiwiki package and it is working fine. My question: is it possible to redirect the top-level index.mdwn to another page? (Traditionally we have used http://savannah.gnu.org/maintenance/FrontPage.)

Sorry if this is obvious. I looked around for existing plugins or methods, but what I found seemed to have other prerequisites that I could not easily figure out, and looked to be more about moving pages than redirecting. I could do it at the Apache level, but I thought it would be simpler and cleaner to do it within ikiwiki itself if possible (e.g., with some plugin+directive in index.mdwn?).

Any pointers or info greatly appreciated. Thanks, karl@gnu.org

Sounds like you're looking for [[!meta redir=foo]]. See the docs for the meta directive.
Comment by Amitai Wed Sep 4 12:42:17 2013