I'd like to use the cutpaste plugin, but not only on a file-local basis: fileA has [[!cut id=foo text="foo"]], and fileB does [[!absorb pagenames=fileA]], and can then use [[!paste id=foo]].

Therefore, I've written an absorb directive / plugin, which is meant to absorb pages in order to get hold of their cut and copy directives' contents. This does work as expected. But it also absorbs page fileA's meta values, like a meta title, etc. How to avoid / solve this?

Alternatively, do you have a better suggestion about how to achieve what I described in the first paragraph?


Have you considered trying the field plugin, and its associated plugins? ymlfront can give you the source ("cut") and getfield and/or report can get you the value ("paste") including the values from other pages.
Comment by kerravonsen [dreamwidth.org] Wed Aug 11 22:33:54 2010