There has been a meeting of people interested in ikiwiki during debconf13 on 2013-08-11. Videos of the event are linked there for download, or can be viewed online.


Ikiwiki's state and development

Ikiwiki has reached a stable state with a working ecosystem, with the majority of changes being minor adaptions and bugfixes these days.

It is unlikely that there will be a major overhaul any time soon.

If incompatible changes are to be made, that might warrant a 4.$DATE transition, especially given that the ikiwiki-transition mechanism has not been used for some time. Potential changes for such a transition will be discussed (see below).

Names of pages and links

Several of the issues chrysn deals with revolve about the differences betwen a page's name, its title, the name of source and destination page, how they are converted, and which is used when.

chrysn has starting to draft a page on names, and would appreciate review and comments.


The default theme of ikiwiki is more appealing to the people who are expected to run an ikiwiki setup; end users with Web 2.$current_minor_version expectations often don't have there tastes served well.

?Recently, templates have become more theming friendly, but for the general case still require the theme to be known to mainline ikiwiki, lest generic templates diverge. A planned feature is generalized sidebars, where more places inside the template can be filled using the same mechanism as currently used in the ?pluginssidebar pluin, but changes there require a complete rebuild. (Not worse than the rebuilds required when changing the main templates, but it would be more tempting to frequently change them.)

Examples of fancy ikiwiki themes have been brought up:


A generalized version of the bootstrap theme would be appreciated, as the current one is targeted towards a particular installation.


Rebuilding many pages takes considerable time, especially when sidebars are changed.

A faster way to use the page index (eg. sqlite) would help speeding up the usual rebuilds, but would not help speeding up massive rebuilds.

RDF backend

On the priority level "crazy ideas", it was discussed to augment or finally change the index to an RDF triple collection. Statements would be extracted from the source pages in the scan hook, and form a triple store. Pagespecs would be resolved to SPARQL queries against that database; also the structured page data fields could be addressed with this.

Optimizations are still possible, even more generally, for example with dependencies on other pages' title:

  • page A sets its own title with [[!meta title="the A page"]], which results in the statement '<./page_A> dc:title "the A page" .'.

  • page B uses some kind of auto-titling link to page A: [[~|page A]], which queries for '<./page_A> dc:title ?a'.

  • When page B is built, it is stored that it depends on statements involving the term <./page_A>, and the current hash value of all statements about that term. (Those will be computed for all observed statements at scan time. Pages that use more complex queries might not be able to list all their dependencies.)

    Also, the queries and query results executing during building page B are stored in a separate cache.

  • When some other page starts linking to page A, the first cache is invalidated, as now there are more statements on the subject of '<./page_A>', so page B might need to be rebuilt. Before that is done, its cached queries are executed. If their results did not change, page B does not need any further action.

vCard support

The topic of combining ikiwiki with calypso was brought up in another event during the same DebConf.

For further details, see vCard rendering.