This page is work in progress and can not be considered to be part of the documentation so far.

This page describes the various forms the name of a page can take.

concept example

title 'dir A/page B' unless a meta title is defined
link 'dir_A/page_B' or 'dir A/page B' or 'page_B' / 'page B' when inside dirA
page name 'dir_A/page_B'
source file '/dir_A/page_B/index.mdwn' or '/dir_A/page_B.mdwn' depending on indexpages
rendered file '/dir_A/page_B/' or '/dir_A/page_B.html' depending on usedirs


  • pagename: source file to page name
  • pagetitle: page name to title but not considering meta title
  • titlepage: title to page name but not considering meta title
  • linkpage: link to page name
  • htmllink: page name to html link to rendered file
  • bestlink: link to page name
  • htmlpage: page name to rendered file