Hey There.

I'm using the field plugin together with ftemplate and ymlfront. Everything looks good, but there are no links created as defined in field_tags. I hope it's just a mistake by me and someone can help me.

All three plugins are activated and ikiwiki's setup file reads

    # field plugin
    # simple registration
    field_register => [qw{meta}],

    # allow the config to be queried as a field
    field_allow_config => 1,

    # flag certain fields as "tags"
    field_tags => {
    Autor => '/users',
    Rubrik => '/rubriken',
    Themen => '/themen',
    BuchTitel => 'rezensionen/titel',
    BuchAutor => '/rezensionen/autoren',
    Verlag => 'rezensionen/verlage',

I use this template to ask the users for the fields:

    Rubrik: Rezensionen
      - (Anti-)Repression
      - Aktion
      - ...
    [[!ftemplate  id="rezi"]]

And this one tells what to do with them:

    [[!meta  author="<TMPL_VAR AUTOR>"]]
    [[!meta  title="<TMPL_VAR BUCHAUTOR>: <TMPL_VAR BUCHTITEL>"]]

    <span class="infobox">
    **<TMPL_VAR BUCHTITEL>**</br>
    *rezensiert von <TMPL_VAR AUTOR>*</br></br>
    * Verlag: <TMPL_VAR VERLAG></br>
    * ISBN: <TMPL_VAR ISBN></br>
    * Seiten: <TMPL_VAR SEITEN></br>
    * Preis: <TMPL_VAR PREIS></br></br>
    Rubrik: <TMPL_VAR RUBRIK></br>
    <TMPL_UNLESS __last__>, </TMPL_UNLESS>

    <TMPL_VAR RUBRIK>       # just for testing if infobox is the problem

Do I have to register another plugin with field or what is wrong here?

The field_tags option behaves like [[!tag ]] rather than [[!taglink ]] - that is, it flags the page as being linked to the tag page. In order to have an actual link, you have to put a link in the template, and use the "tagpage" variable suffix.

For example:

*rezensiert von [[<TMPL_VAR AUTOR-TAGPAGE>]]*
Comment by kerravonsen [dreamwidth.org] Mon Sep 5 18:23:17 2011

This doesn't work. Even with a exact copy of your code it just get


where the "taglinks" should be.

Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Mon Sep 5 19:18:34 2011
BTW: The PageSpecs provided by field are working.
Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Mon Sep 5 19:46:40 2011

Hmmm. What happens when you just have <TMPL_VAR AUTOR-tagpage>? Is that blank too?

Comment by kerravonsen [dreamwidth.org] Mon Sep 5 21:31:25 2011
It makes no difference. Neither with a capitalized nor with an uncapitalized "-tagpage".
Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Mon Sep 5 21:40:46 2011
I meant, if you just have <TMPL_VAR AUTOR-tagpage> without the square brackets [[ around it, is that blank too?
Comment by kerravonsen [dreamwidth.org] Mon Sep 5 21:56:22 2011
Sorry for being unclear; I tried exactly that. It's still blank.
Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Mon Sep 5 22:02:39 2011
Which versions of field and ftemplate are you using?
Comment by kerravonsen [dreamwidth.org] Mon Sep 5 22:13:06 2011
  • field: 1.20110610
  • ftemplate: 1.20100519

Both were downloaded two days ago from their git repositorie's master branch.

Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Mon Sep 5 22:27:47 2011

Hmmm. They are the latest versions.

So what do you get when you use <TMPL_VAR AUTOR>? Is that blank?

Comment by kerravonsen [dreamwidth.org] Mon Sep 5 22:31:13 2011
No. This gives the expected result.
Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Mon Sep 5 22:41:24 2011
Okay, I'm going to release the latest version from another branch. Give me an hour.
Comment by kerravonsen [dreamwidth.org] Mon Sep 5 22:53:39 2011

There's no rush. But please don't forget to document this -TAGPAGE thing. ;) I can't find any reference to it. Should be mentioned in the manpage.

Thanks for your help.

Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Mon Sep 5 23:07:10 2011

Releases done. And, yes, updating the docs was one of the things I did.

So, if you can try again with the latest version...

Comment by kerravonsen [dreamwidth.org] Mon Sep 5 23:42:22 2011

Great. This works.

Thanks again.

Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Tue Sep 6 00:07:12 2011
Comment by kerravonsen [dreamwidth.org] Tue Sep 6 02:55:43 2011