Dear ikiwiki users, and specially KathrynAndersen (rubykat): have you considered some way of extending ikiwiki to allow some kind of on-the-fly generation of web forms to create new pages? these web forms should offer as many fields as one has defined in some page template, and, once POSTed, should create a page using that template, with those fields already filled with the values the user provided.

I see this a a generalization of the postform option of the inline directive. That option tells ikiwiki to create a form with one field already filled (title).

What are your ideas about this?

I'd already had a look at this idea before you posted this suggestion, and I ran into difficulties. So far as I can see, it makes most sense to use the mechanisms already in place for editing pages, and enhance them. Unfortunately, the whole edit-page setup expects a template file (by default, when editing pages, editpage.tmpl) and anything apart from "submit" buttons must have a placeholder in the template file, or it doesn't get displayed at all in the form. At least, that's what I've found - I could be mistaken.

But if it's true, that rather puts the kybosh on dynamically generated forms, so far as I can see. I mean, if you knew beforehand what all your fields were going to be, you could make a copy of editpage.tmpl, add in your fields where you want, and then make a plugin that uses that template instead of editpage.tmpl, but that's very limited.

If someone could come up with a way of making dynamic forms, that would solve the problem, but I've come up against a brick wall myself. Joey? Anyone?

-- KathrynAndersen

Comment by kerravonsen [] Mon Nov 22 22:18:52 2010