After enabling "Show sidebar on all pages" (global_sidebars) I can no longer access the setup page via the web interface.

The rest of the wiki continues to work, but only "Content-type: text/html" gets sent for this page.

  • Fresh ikiwiki --setup of 3.20141016-1
  • Nginx
  • EDIT: Arch Linux, built ikiwiki from AUR

Would this be something I'm doing wrong or a bug?

That sounds like a bug. Please check your web server log for warnings or error messages from the CGI script.

Comment by smcv Thu Nov 27 08:14:56 2014

I'm a horrible person. Rather than working out what caused the issue I instead setup ikiwiki on Debian Stable (which was going to be my final platform for the server anyway).

My debugging experience with cgi and webservers is limited, but I will give it another go on my Arch box to see if I can find a resolution. Other users might be affected by the same issue.

Comment by Veyrdite Thu Dec 11 21:32:56 2014