Hi all! I really like ikiwiki and i tested it on my local machine but i have one question that i can't answer reading documentation (my fault of course)... I have an account and some space on a free hosting service. Now, i want to put my ikiwiki on this remote web space so that i can browse it from wherever i want. I have my source dir and my git dir on my local machine. How can i upload my ikiwiki on the remote host and manage it via git as i can do when i test it locally? Where is specified? Where can i find documentation about it?

Thanks in advance!


There are several ways to accomplish this, depending on what you really want to do.

If your goal is to continue generating the site locally, but then transfer it to the remote host for serving, you could use the rsync plugin.

If your goal is to install and run the ikiwiki software on the remote host, then you would follow a similar path to the ones described in these tips: nearlyfreespeech DreamHost. Or even install ikiwiki from a regular package if you have that kind of access. Then you could push changes from your local git to git on the remote host to update the wiki. Laptop wiki with git explains one way to do that. --Joey

Thanks a lot for your answer. rsync plugin would be perfect but... how would i manage blog post? I mean... is it possible to manage ikiwiki blog too with rsync plugin in the way you told me? --Pab

If you want to allow people to make comments on your blog, no, the rsync plugin will not help, since it will upload a completely static site where nobody can make comments. Comments require a full IkiWiki setup with CGI enabled, so that people add content (comments) from the web. --KathrynAndersen

Ok, i understand, thanks. Is there any hosting service that permits to have a full installation of iwkiwiki or i am forced to get a vps or to mantain a personal server for that? --Pab