Is it possible to use mathjax in ikiwiki to typeset math formulas? If so, is this compatible with the wmd plugin?

Yes, mathjax works with ikiwiki. The main trouble I ran into was markdown trying to parse the math. For example markdown and tex both use underscores. I wrote a quick plugin to replace all the TeX with strip markers in the 'filter' phase and put it back in the 'sanitize' phase (just replacing all the TeX content with its Base64 representation temporarily) and that seems to have fixed the problem well enough.
Comment by Carl Sun Jan 2 18:59:27 2011

Hi Carl, That's great news, I've been looking for a solution like this for some time. would you mind sharing your patch or write up a small howto? Thanks

Comment by patrick Sun Jan 9 05:48:23 2011
Would be nice to have a little tutorial. I don't know how to set up mathjax.
Comment by micheal Sat Jul 30 16:14:34 2011
I've been using MathJAX + ikiwiki for a while, and finally got around to posting my setup. You can find a tutorial here.
Comment by GI Tue Oct 15 15:47:29 2013
SO has a thread on this: .
Comment by Meng Wed Nov 6 03:50:24 2013
Unfortunately the StackOverflow method suggests using pandoc. This has many bad side effects...
Comment by GI Fri Jan 10 11:57:37 2014