Hi there,

I tried yesterday to make a slide-show for my frontpage. I enabled the meta and the html plugins, then, on my frontpage, I pointed to the .js files that do the trick and I added the html code to actually run the slide-show. I also set htmlscrubber to skip everything except the Discussion pages. I used this code http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex14/fadeinslideshow.htm.

In theory this should have worked but unfortunately it didn't worked at all. I know I can use rawhtml plugin but with this I get a page that is treated as data, I need the page to be treated as source so I can use directives. I'm now wondering if this is even possible in ikiwiki...

Anyway, I thought to check with you guys. The main idea is to have a simple slide-show with 4 or 5 slides that change every 3 seconds and each slide should link to a different page. Any ideas are extremely welcomed!



See embedding content, which applies equally to any scripting or other "unsafe" markup.
Comment by smcv Thu Jun 23 03:52:04 2011

Oh, sorry, you already said you disabled the htmlscrubber. In that case, please define "doesn't work" - it might be helpful to compare the IkiWiki output with similar code that you've added to a static copy of the HTML?

Comment by smcv Thu Jun 23 03:54:06 2011

Well, surprise, I tried a different approach and this time it worked perfectly. So, how I did it?...

I created externally a html file with the slid-show I wanted and then put it (along with the javascript files and the images) in the source directory. I rebuilt the wiki and then inlined that html page in the wiki page where I wanted the slide-show.

So, from now on my wiki will look like any wordpress or drupal eye-candy website but without all that bloat.

Short outline:

  • put the slid-show files in the source directory
  • rebuild the wiki
  • on the wiki page you want some eye-candy inline the html page that contains the slid-show
  • that's it ;)


Comment by Marius Thu Jun 23 05:42:00 2011

Oh, I forgot to mention. It seems that you have to have both [[!iki plugins/html desc=html]] and [[!iki plugins/rawhtml desc=rawhtml]] plugins enabled for this to work.


Comment by Marius Thu Jun 23 05:49:29 2011