How can I get the little glasses-icon with a link to the diff on Recentchanges, please? I have git integration working nicely, and recentchangesdiff is producing diffs in the RSS feed, but I'd really like a link on the RecentChanges like you have here.

Set up gitweb and configure the diffurl in ikiwiki and the glasses will appear.
Comment by joey Thu Feb 23 16:20:17 2012

Thanks, that was just the ticket :). My ikiwiki.setup file didn't even have a commented out diffurl in it - is there a handy list of configuration-variables somewhere? I thought the theory was that ikiwiki.setup was generated with (commented out) nearly all the config variables already mentioned?

[FWIW, I'm using the version in Debian stable]

Comment by bob Fri Feb 24 05:30:50 2012