I just tried to lock some pages via the lockedit plugin in my wiki but it does not work. Not any page I've tried gets locked. Here's a snipped of my setup:

add_plugins => [qw{goodstuff edittemplate filecheck getsource htmltidy recentchanges relativedate rename remove search sidebar po httpauth attachment img 404 inline localstyle pagestats progress orphans map toc brokenlinks autoindex anonok blogspam recentchangesdiff}],
disable_plugins => [qw{smiley openid theme}],
anonok_pagespec => '*',
locked_pages => 'todo and todo/done and index and ikiwiki/*',

Is there an interference between anonok and lockedit or is there just a typo?

I can't imagine another source of the problem. Hope you can help me. --?bacuh

anonok might take precedence over lockedit (it depends which gets loaded first). You should change anonok_pagespec to not cover the locked_pages.

(It might be better if lockedit always applied first, though; except then it'd interfere with opendiscussion, so maybe opendiscussion should apply first of all...)

Comment by smcv Thu May 26 05:38:12 2011
Thanks a lot. Negating locked_pages in anonok_pagespec works.
Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Thu May 26 06:56:28 2011

Ooops, that was wrong.

It is just not possible to edit those pages anonymously. Lockedit still doesn't work.

Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Thu May 26 07:07:08 2011
locked_pages => 'todo and todo/done and index and ikiwiki/*',

I didn't spot it before, but this is wrong: you want "or" instead of "and".

It's a condition under which pages are to be locked: you're trying to lock all pages that are simultaneously todo, todo/done and some other names, which is an impossible condition to satisfy, so nothing is locked!

Comment by smcv Thu May 26 11:08:10 2011

Obvious! Should have realized that.

May this help other people.

Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Fri May 27 07:07:27 2011