I have started using Ikiwiki for a personal site, which is great. I would like to add search functionality with the search plugin, so have it configured with the one parameter needed, and it does see files.

However, it seems to be doing a couple things with URLs that it shouldn't in this case:

  • The link to the page has an extraneous "/cgi" in it, e.g. instead of "https://[hostname]/sandbox/" it has ""https://[hostname]/cgi/sandbox/".
  • Also, the help link is the same, so links to "https://[hostname]/cgi/ikiwiki/searching/".

Another question I had is whether I can restrict the pages which get searched? I would like to have an internal section which isn't linked, and which doesn't pop up in search results. I know that I can configure the web server to restrict access, but would prefer that the page snippet and its presence not be advertised.

Thanks! Tim

It sounds as though the url and/or cgiurl settings in your setup file might be wrong. What are they? What is the actual "root" URL of your wiki in your web server, and what is the actual URL of the CGI script?

Regarding private stuff, I would recommend making a separate ikiwiki instance for that, particularly if your wiki accepts edits from untrusted people. For instance, anyone who can insert a [[!map]] directive can easily enumerate every page in your wiki.

Comment by smcv Sun Sep 22 05:07:43 2013

Thanks. The url parameter is the full hostname, e.g. http://example.com The cgiurl parameter is the url plus the path to the CGI, e.g. http://example.com/cgi/iw.cgi

Regular operation of Ikiwiki seems fine, so I can log in, edit pages and so on. As far as the more private part goes, the site is essentially just me, so there won't be pages with odd parameters in them unless I add them. :)

Comment by Tim Sun Sep 22 11:44:51 2013