Ok, I'm confused. See http://lovesgoodfood.com/jason/tags/napowrimo/ and http://lovesgoodfood.com/jason/tags/NaPoWriMo/ for two examples of not picking up pages quite right. I didn't realize that tags are randomly case-sensitive while still capitalized in the output title? See the list of backlinks on each. Also, the only pages actually being ''listed'' are from a year ago, but the backlinks include current pages. The posts ''are'' being included on http://lovesgoodfood.com/jason/tags/poetry/ . The feeds are populated on my host, but not on my laptop (Debian unstable-ish, as opposed to a git pull on my host).

Halp? I've blown away the old (including .ikiwiki) and rebuilt to no effect. The tag pages are meant to be transients (loaded by default, according to the docs?), but they're still being created. Nothing seems quite correct.

-- JasonRiedy

What's going on with the case sensativity is that ikiwiki is case-insensative, but in the edge case where there are somehow two pages that vary only in case, it makes at least a token (partial, probably incomplete and buggy) gesture at having the case of links to them influence which one is linked to.

Possibly this is interacting badly with tag page autocreation when different cases are used for a tag?

I don't know why new posts are not showing up in the tags. Can I download the source from somewhere? --Joey

I just realized I blew away my outward-facing git repos and setup when I blew away the site. augh. It'll take more time than I have to fix that right now.

Current git repo is over dumb http at http://lovesgoodfood.com/jason.git until I can fix the rest. And two necessary extra plugins are at http://lovesgoodfood.com/htmlpage.pm and http://lovesgoodfood.com/imgcss.pm . Haven't cleaned / documented them enough to contribute. They shouldn't interfere with the tag plugin. I'll be up your way this weekend, except on a super-slow satellite link so won't be able to play much on-line. Might be able to debug locally.

If you get a change to poke, I'd be grateful, but there's plenty else to do. ;) Morels should be up...

-- JasonRiedy

Comment by Jason Riedy Wed Apr 20 13:56:08 2011


(and maybe this time I'll remember to save my setup)

Comment by Jason Riedy Wed Apr 20 22:34:15 2011

So, I don't see the issue of only one of the two capitalizations of a tag being updated when a page is added.

joey@wren:~/tmp>ikiwiki -plugin html -plugin inline -tagbase tags -plugin goodstuff --refresh -v JasonsChatter JasonsChatter.html
refreshing wiki..
scanning posts/foo.html
building posts/foo.html
building tags.mdwn, which depends on posts/foo
building sidebar.mdwn, which depends on posts/foo
building posts.mdwn, which depends on posts/foo
building index.mdwn, which depends on sidebar
building archives/2010/04.mdwn, which depends on posts/foo
building archives.mdwn, which depends on archives/2010/04
building tags/NaPoWriMo.mdwn, which depends on posts/foo
building tags/poetry.mdwn, which depends on posts/foo
building tags/rwp.mdwn, which depends on posts/foo
building tags/napowrimo.mdwn, which depends on posts/foo

Both caps of the tag were updated there. I do see some evidence of your site being updated by ikiwiki running with possibly different configuration. Compare date formats used on http://lovesgoodfood.com/jason/tags/NaPoWriMo/ and http://lovesgoodfood.com/jason/tags/napowrimo/. Now, that could just be a different LANG setting, but if the configuration different goes deeper, it could point toward an explanation of the inconsistency of only one case of a tag being updated to list a page.. possibly.

I can reproduce tag autocreation creating multiple tag pages that differ only in case. That's a bug, fixed in bad5072c02d506b5b5a0d74cd60639f7f62cc7d3.

AFAICS, you don't have tag_autocreate_commit set to false, so transient tags are not being used.

Comment by joey Sat Apr 30 16:33:59 2011