Hey there!

I'm trying to get the translated version of basewiki activated in my wiki. Setting "locale => 'de_DE.UTF-8'" gave me some german messages on the CLI and a few changes in the wiki itself but the basewiki is still english. The files in /usr/share/ikiwiki/po/de/ are there.

As I understand, po is just for translating.

So, what am I doing wrong?

The translated basewiki depends on the po plugin being enabled and configured with the language(s) to use.
Comment by joey Sun Dec 5 16:12:17 2010

This works, thanks.

But is there also a way to get "Edit" etc. and the buttons behind it translated?

Comment by bacuh [xlogon.net] Sun Dec 5 18:48:53 2010

That requires translating the templates, which has never quite been finished. l10n discusses that.

(You can edit the templates yourself of course and manually translate.)

Comment by joey Sun Dec 5 18:53:12 2010