Where is the tag cloud/tag listing of all the tags used in this wiki? I know we have tags enabled. --jerojasro

This wiki does not use one global toplevel set of tags (tagbase is not set).

There are tags used for the plugins, and a tag cloud of those there. wishlist and patch are tags too, but I don't see the point of a tag cloud for such tags. --Joey

I want to create a helpful welcome page http://pyjs.org/wiki/ mainly by using links or listings of what is called "special pages" in MediaWiki. (Currently, we have a list of all wiki articles, this frightens new readers.)

Can I somehow list all tags of the wiki, or is there a tag cloud? How can I list the first level of subpages (not the pages, just the "hierarchy" level or so)? What other "special" lists or so can ikiwiki generate (e.g. users, tags, changes, ...)?

Thanks for any help or directions!

Comment by intranetsdoneright [blogspot.com] Sat Apr 30 02:10:14 2011