Awesome idea! With this + NearlyFreeSpeech.NET you can have a highly discounted Wiki hosted...

Now... just wondering... how could this be done while keeping things such as Google pagerank/searches and such 'sane'...

One 'could' host S3 under the 'www' domain and you'd be all set... but then you would probably have some ugly problems to work around if you wanted to put some other dynamic content... especially if I'm stressed to figure out any dynamic hosting I would even use that I'd care was indexed... (perhaps using JS in an ikiwiki page for some dynamic update)

Any thoughts/ideas on this? Any example ikiwiki up on Amazon? -- harningt

Well, I haven't needed to use S3, so I deleted my test wikis to save money (pennies..).

The main problem is that S3 can't serve http://hostname/. You have to use http://hostname//. This would be a problem in many situations.

Once google has a link to it though, it should be able to index it fine, just like any other web site. --[[Joey]